Marriage does not guarantee you that you will be together forever, its only a paper or seven steps taken. It takes love, respect, trust, understanding and faith in your relationship to make it last. Sometimes it becomes very stiffling for one spouse to continue the marital relationship, under such circumstances one has to file the contested divorce. Though its true that contested divorce is a lengthy process specifically the trial takes around two to three years (depending on the grounds) but in most of the cases, we try our best to get the divorce at the time of mediation(a stage which occurs after 3 to 5 months of case filing). By letting you know all the legal possibilities, Advocate Preeti and team are committed to giving you the best positive outcome. During the litigation fight, we assure that you will never be alone and we will always be standing by your side. Using its decade-long experience Advocate Preeti always provide excellent advice throughout the proceeding and help you in outgrowing from the divorce trauma.

There are different laws dealing with contested divorce for the different section of the Society. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 provides ground for divorce for Hindus which includes Sikh, Jain and Budh religion.
Indian Divorce Act,1869, provides grounds for divorce for Christian. Special Marriage Act provides grounds for divorce for people married under civil law and whose marriages are registered under Special Marriage Act, 1954. Broad grounds for Divorce are as under:-
Divorce on the ground of Adultery
Divorce on the ground of Cruelty
Divorce on the ground of Desertion
Divorce on the ground of Conversion to another religion
Divorce on the ground of Unsoundness of mind or mental disorder
Divorce on the ground of Virulent and Incurable form of leprosy
Divorce on the ground of Venereal disease
Divorce on the ground of Renounce the World
Divorce on the ground of Not heard for a period of seven years or more. Besides above, there are couples with additional grounds for divorce available only to female.